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Italian kitchens with modern design, for individuals and professionals

Timelessly modern

Alpes-Inox stainless steel kitchens

We distribute, deliver and install Alpes-Inox’s exclusive and artisanal stainless steel kitchens for clients in Catalunya and Illes Balears.

Alpes-Inox produces modular stainless steel kitchen elements that can be combined to adapt to existing space, personal tastes and culinary preferences. All elements are independent of each other and fulfill essential functions in the kitchen: preparing, cooking, washing, preserving, storing.

Since stainless steel is practically indestructible, Alpes-Inox modules are also ideal for your outdoor kitchen.


Alpes-Inox offers kitchen modules in various standard widths and completely customized for your space. Each element is a separate piece of furniture and can be set up and used immediately. The individual pieces, with widths from 70 to 280 cm or made to measure, with wheels or adjustable feet, open or closed, can be aligned or combined with each other to be used as wall compositions, island, or independently.

Thanks to the linear design and independent of fashion trends, the technical and aesthetic characteristics of Alpes steel and the total autonomy, these elements are easily integrated into any environment and adapt to any decoration style. From minimalist to retro style, from informal to the most ostentatious taste: each kitchen responds to personal desires.

Alpes kitchen modules are suitable for large and small rooms, for large families and also for demanding singles, for amateur cooks but also for chefs. Technically high-quality devices, harmoniously coordinated with each other, fulfill all the necessary functions:

  • Preparation (sinks, washbasins, work counters, waste separation and differentiated collection).
  • Cooking (six different types of gas burners for different types of preparation; electric induction hobs, grill, barbecue, fryer, steam cooking and fry-top; ovens from 60 to 104 liters in size, equipped with fully extendable guides, coolers quick and vacuum systems).
  • Ventilation (retractable extractors, extractor hoods in extraction or air recirculation versions, custom-made, also with remote controlled motor and suction power of up to 1600 m 3 air/hour)
  • Storage (open sliding shelves, drawers with 30-60-90-120 cm inserts and 30-45-60 cm doors).

Of course, you can also integrate appliances from other manufacturers into your Alpes kitchen.

As needs change over time, the kitchen is ready for any changes: new configurations, richer furniture and the ability to easily integrate into changing living conditions.


Download the current Alpes-Inox catalog here and discover everything about the different models, dimensions and possible combinations.


Fronts and surfaces

In addition to stainless steel, you can also choose different types of wood, Corian®, marble or stone for your kitchen fronts, drawers and countertops.


Innovative, ergonomic and perfect down to the last detail.

Every detail of an Alpes-Inox kitchen is perfectly thought out and executed. Every movement is fun and cooking becomes a completely new experience. The optionally available, space-saving folding cooktops have won several design awards.

Of course, it is also possible to integrate appliances from other manufacturers into Alpes kitchens. We have a wide range of manufacturers in our range including Alpes-Inox, BORA, berbel, Liebherr, Ilve, SMEG, Siemens, V-ZUG, Quooker, Fisher & Paykel. Just talk to us.

About Alpes Inox

Founded in 1954 in Bassano, Italy, by businessman and designer Nico Moretto, the company exclusively processes stainless steel to produce freely designed kitchens and specific kitchen appliances, such as: B. Washbasins and sinks, hobs, ovens and Extractor hoods.

The best functionality of the individual elements, safety in daily use, durability of materials, multiple application options and environmental protection are the focus of all products and guarantee their long-lasting value. The constant search for perfection of technical and aesthetic characteristics, regardless of changing fashion trends, has always been Alpes’ credo in the concept of its kitchens.

All Alpes kitchens are handmade and characterized by the highest quality, which you will love in daily use for decades.

We accompany you throughout the entire process: we develop and visualize your ideas with you. When the kitchen items are finished, we personally check them in our factory in Italy. After acceptance, we transport the kitchen items to you and arrange for a professional installation in your kitchen.

Barcelona Showroom

In our showroom on C. de Johann Sebastian Bach, 24 Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, 08021 Barcelona, you can see for yourself the excellent quality of Alpes-Inox stainless steel kitchens.


Opening hours are Monday – Friday: 9:30 – 14:00 Hrs / 15:00 – 18:00 Hrs (Phone until 17:30 Hrs) and, by appointment, please register in advance.


We’re looking forward to your visit!



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